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What We Stand For

Since 1978, we’ve focused on one thing: providing exceptional billing and coding services to emergency medicine, hospitalist, observation and urgent care practices throughout the United States.

Get To Know Gottlieb

We’re leaders in our industry because we treat our clients as partners, not customers.

As a privately-held company with a team of 500+ professionals, we work to improve our partners’ financial performance. With the guidance and expertise of our tenured executive team, we’ve been able to continuously improve collections and net revenues, all while paying meticulous attention to compliance.

We represent more than 5M billed patient visits across 280 emergency, hospitalist and urgent care practices every year. We’d love the opportunity to represent you. Contact us today to learn how we can optimize your revenue cycle and help you achieve better financial performance.

What We Stand For

At Gottlieb, we choose to bring a sense of caring and purpose to our team, our clients, and their patients – leading to long-term partnerships and better financial and business outcomes for everyone.

Both internally and externally. Our company is based on building and maintaining relationships with our employees and clients on a personal level.

When we know more, our clients know more. We grow our knowledge bank daily and believe in sharing all of that know-how with our clients so they can get the most income from the work they do.

We are coding and billing geeks through and through, which means we love details. And knowing the details is what allows our clients to focus on their patients.

In the healthcare industry, things change quickly and we believe in staying ahead of the curve. We strive to know what our clients need before they have to ask.

Solutions We Provide

Revenue Cycle

Since 1978, we’ve focused on one thing: providing exceptional billing and coding services to emergency medicine and urgent care practices throughout the United States.


We use your organization’s data in conjunction with industry benchmarking data to evaluate our performance. Our business intelligence reporting turns your input into meaningful output, giving you the tools you need to make better, more informed decisions.


You are an expert in patient care and we want to help your initiatives. We’re experts in providing you with the education and tools to ensure your providers are properly documenting.

Managed Care

Gottlieb brings forty years of experience and clarity to the managed care contract negotiations process. We work with you not only to review your existing contracts but also to execute new contracts that reflect the true value you bring to the table.


Today there are multiple factors which can adversely impact your practice environment. Regardless of the size and structure, fiscal viability ultimately determines the your ability to continue to offer access to care.  Our team works with you to create a comprehensive business strategy to drive superior financial performance to support your practice mission.

MIPS Reporting
& Education

As Medicare evolves and consolidates its former merit-based incentive programs into one unified system, emergency department physicians and providers must adapt to the changing requirements and reporting measures.

Interested In A Partner You Can Trust?

Your success is our success.  That is how we truly feel and why we take a holistic approach to your practice.  For over forty years our team has focused on the different facets of the physician practice which influence the financial viability.  Our focus is on long-term relationships and the only way to achieve success is through delivering on your vision.

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