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Your Success Is Our Success


Your Success Is Our Success

Our care, diligence, and deep understanding of the medical billing climate gives our partners confidence they’ll see increasing net revenues.

Behind Every Service We Offer Is A Team Dedicated To A Deep Understanding Of The Industry And Your Business. We Consider Ourselves An Extension Of Your Team, So You Have 40 Years Of Revenue Cycle Management Expertise Working Every Day To Ensure You Collect The Compensation You Deserve.



A holistic approach to revenue cycle management

At Gottlieb, our team expertly translates patient-physicians encounters to minimize payer audits and keep our clients compliant with industry regulation.  At Gottlieb, we focus on three critical components of your business: optimizing processes across your entire practice, providing a better patient experience, and staying current and compliant with industry changes and regulations. We’ve taken this holistic approach for 40 years, allowing our partners to not only see increased revenue but also focus on what they care about most—helping those in need.


Caring for patients is a full-time job. And so is navigating the complex workflow of documenting, coding, billing, and receiving payment for the care you provide. Our comprehensive services help you manage your revenue cycle from initial billing and coding to accounts receivable and denial management.

Our partners work with a dedicated account manager to identify challenges and find opportunities for improvement using data-driven insights because your goals and our goals are one in the same.


The exceptional care you provide should be the reason your patients remember you, not confusing bills or coverage questions. A partnership with Gottlieb means a partnership in your patients’ experience, and we understand that patient satisfaction doesn’t end with the treatment plan.

Gottlieb picks up where you leave off. Our US-based call center is available to answer questions and accept payments, and we treat your patients with the same care and compassion that you do. Or if your patients prefer a people-free approach, they can pay their bill easily and securely through our online patient portal.


With 40 years of experience in emergency medicine billing and coding, our team knows a thing or two about change. We care enough to stay ahead of the trends, and we work to educate you on what these changes mean for your practice.

We offer education and best practices tailored to your practice. Your account manager works with you directly to not only understand these changes but also to help implement policies and strategies that keep your practice current and compliant with regulations and able to adapt to changes in the payer environment.



An integrated approach to practice strategy

In today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment, it can be tough to step out of the day to day and focus on tomorrow. Our team of experts recognizes the value of balanced organizational objectives and works with your group to create a measurement system that supports cause and effect relationships through leading and lagging indicators.  At Gottlieb, we focus on six critical components of your business: understanding best practices and fairly negotiated terms with commercial payors, optimizing processes across your entire practice, developing fair and measurable compensation programs, providing a better patient experience, staying current and compliant with industry changes and regulations, developing better leadership and payor relationships. 



An integrated approach to practice strategy

Facility coding guidelines are implicitly different from professional coding guidelines. Facilities must use billing guidelines  that are consistent with the OPPS principles  and should ensure they are appropriate for use and reflect the principal circumstances of your institution.  At Gottlieb, our team works closely with your organization to develop ‘best practice’ guidelines or tailor the guidelines to the particular needs of your institution.  With regulations always changing, wouldn’t it make sense to work with an organization that has over 4 decades experience navigating the process?

Gottlieb's insight has been invaluable to our practice. From the narrative provided by our client finance associate to the physician education helping our physicians code better to the managed care negotiation assistance, each area helping drive strong financial management for our group.
Matthew, MD
ED Physician Group


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