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Your Success Is Our Success

Revenue Cycle

Your Success Is Our Success

Our care, diligence, and deep understanding of the medical billing climate gives our partners confidence they’ll see increasing net revenues.

Behind Every Service We Offer Is A Team Dedicated To A Deep Understanding Of The Industry And Your Business. We Consider Ourselves An Extension Of Your Team, So You Have 40 Years Of Revenue Cycle Management Expertise Working Every Day To Ensure You Collect The Compensation You Deserve.


customized solutions developed for your specialty






Our team expertly translates patient-physician encounters to minimize your payer audits and keep you compliant with industry regulation.


We have an in-depth understanding of the shifting landscape of reimbursement. As MIPS pushes providers to meet quality measures, Gottlieb helps you understand what is needed to get bonuses, not penalties. We work with patients to collect all benefits due, appeal claims when needed, and keep collections steady.

Individual Claims

We believe in the value of the service you provide. Therefore, in the event of an appeal, we pursue the maximum payout and the quickest possible turnaround, even if that means litigation.


We leverage our experience to act as a champion for our physician clients at the State and Federal levels.


Our proprietary billing software streamlines the billing process and has the advanced features needed to manage billing effectively.

AR and Denial

Meticulous charting and coding practices are the first defense against denials. We provide extensive education and training for physicians and front-end staff, and our processes and workflows are proven to reduce denials for our clients.

Looking to make the most of your data?

Learn how our expertise in business intelligence reporting can help you! 

I do want to mention that we are very grateful for the service level that we receive from all of you at Gottlieb. Staying in private practice in this day and age is getting more and more challenging. In order to maintain some level of success, we have to pay attention to every detail.

It is to all of you, that we extend our gratitude for you are assisting us in caring for our patients and keeping quality personnel in our group.
Dr. N
ED Physician Group

Numbers are only one piece of RCM

Navigate Managed Care Complexities

We represent our partners’ best interests, always. Successfully negotiating a contract requires knowledge of the market, data on the impact to collections for taking a contract, and strategies to handle patient concerns. Our experience and proven strategies mean that together, we can negotiate the rates you deserve and keep your hospitals and patients satisfied. We work with you not only to review your existing contracts but also to execute new contracts that reflect the true value you bring to the table.

Data That Works For You

Gottlieb offers customizable reporting and analytics delivered with hands on account management, industry leading technologies and proprietary applications for coding, documentation and billing.  For years, Gottlieb has been the industry RCM leader with our physician documentation and managed care practices.  Our MIPS solution offers another benefit for you with a proven track record of success.

Educating For Excellence

As Medicare evolves and consolidates its former merit-based incentive programs into one unified system, emergency department physicians and providers must adapt to the changing requirements and reporting measures. We help our partners embrace this new system by providing detailed instruction and training on the required measures, documentation, provider-level feedback, and scoring. Your dedicated Client Manager also helps register your results and track your incentive payments.

Dedicated & Knowledgeable Service

We’re as invested in the success of your practice as you are – and we’ll make sure you always receive the same excellent level of attention and support. Concierge care isn’t just paying attention to the day-to-day, it involves analyzing performance metrics and communicating physician education opportunities.


The best advice you’ll get all day.



The best advice you’ll get all day.


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